Saturday, 8 December 2012

Laura & Ross | Engagement

I met Ross just over two years ago when we did a show together so this shoot has been a long time coming! Ross and Laura were perfect models and it was great fun. We went on a walk in St Andrews stopping off at places along the way to take pics. It was absolutely freezing but we powered through - I was just thankful the forecast rain was holding off. 

It always takes a while for couples to relax and forget about the camera at the beginning of a shoot but I keep quiet, bide my time - wait for the laughter that comes after the silence and suddenly the photos take a life of their own...

I love this part of St Andrews as the walk contains lots of different types of locations - fields, woods, river etc.

I really loved this shoot and it was great to spend the time Ross & Laura - such gorgeous people.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Jenny & Chris | Engagement

 I've known Jenny and Chris for years now and they are really wonderful people (& friends!) so I jumped at the chance to do an engagement shoot for them while I was up in Scotland. We quickly realised that we only had one day that would work for all of us so when the Sunday came round and it was pouring with rain there was no going back...

Jenny and Chris had suggested shooting at Chris' family home on the outskirts of Edinburgh so we jumped in the car and drove out there. It was a perfect setting and seriously beautiful. After a quick tour we started shooting in the attic and then moved around the house. I always like to keep quite quiet during couple shoot and just let them chat/giggle away, Jenny and Chris did not disappoint! Probably one of the giggliest couples I know...

Once we'd shot in a couple of rooms we decided to brave the rain (which had died down a little!) and go outside where we got my favourite photos from the day - 

And then we went back to giggles...

It was a really great afternoon spent taking photos of two beautiful friends and I can't wait to shoot their wedding. I would have loved to have better weather - I find rain and bright sunshine at the same time impossible!

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